University of Minnesota | Rochester

2012 Maude Finch Awards

November 16, 2012

Rogers-Michon Maude Finch 2012Congratulations to UMR Development Associate Michon Rogers, recipient of the 2012 Maude Finch Award. Other recipients this year include Susan Ahlquist, RochesterFest Board, and First Alliance Credit Union. Each award winner has distinguished themselves in advancing the common good with their service, volunteerism, and leadership.

Michon has an active role in our community’s civic life. She has been committed to meeting the needs of people with her volunteerism by serving several organizations in the areas of education and social services. She actively advocates for improved education and neighborhoods and is a role model of community service. She will be honored for her significant contributions of community service, volunteerism, advocacy work and leadership.

The award is named after Maude Finch the recording secretary of the Rochester Community Chest (now United Way), who, when paid $20 for her clerical services in 1925, donated those proceeds back to the organization for the common good.

The annual presentation of the Maude Finch Awards was held on Thursday, November 14 at 6 p.m.