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Spring Valley Trib: Spring Valley Part of Recently Launched SoMNSourceLink Entrepreneur Support Tool

November 28, 2012

SoMNSourceLink, a new web site and hotline referral network for entrepreneurs and small business owners in southern Minnesota, launched last week. SoMNSourceLink, in which the Spring Valley EDA is participating in, helps individuals find local resource partners who provide services to help small businesses grow and prosper at no cost to the user.

Found at or by phone at 1-855-264-7914, users can input information about the challenges their business is facing. SoMNSourceLink's network navigators research the best area resources to help meet those challenges and provide appropriate referrals to the small business owner. SoMNSourceLink's network navigators follow up with all individuals who access the network to assess progress and troubleshoot persisting challenges.

The SoMNSourceLink network has enrolled over 30 nonprofit organizations that provide services to grow small businesses in southern Minnesota and continues to add more. These organizations include small business development groups, government entities, loan programs, chambers of commerce, community development organizations, technical or legal assistance providers, organizations specializing in helping women and minorities, and others...

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