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UMR Ballroom Dance Team at Star of the North DanceSport Competition

March 4, 2013

Star of the North DanceSport Competition 2013

The UMR Ballroom Dance Team took part in the Star of the North DanceSport Competition March 2-3 in Minneapolis. The competition was very stiff, but UMR students achieved some great results.

Most dancers made the first rounds at least once. This is incredibly difficult to do when they are dancing against 65-75 other couples.

The first year dancers, Megan Zimmerman and Karl Freese, took Sixth Place in the Newcomer division. This means that they danced 6 rounds to make it to the Finals, beating 70 other couples.

The fourth year dancer, Maddy Hammerlund, and a third year dancer, Tim Horn, took First Place in Bronze Swing and were also finalists for all three Rhythm dances (Cha Cha, Rumba and Swing). This means that they danced over 30 times, in 6 rounds, in order to rise to the top in their very competitive categories.

A second year dancer, Leah Engelman and a third year dancer, Nick Baker, took Second Place in Bronze Quickstep. Quickstep is one of the most difficult dances. A scholarship was also awarded for their accomplishment.

Second year dancers, Jel Montano and Dom Pandy, were finalists for both Bronze Waltz and Quickstep.

Throughout the competition, judges approached Jeremy (Coach) and expressed that they were very impressed by the students' overall performance, professionalism and presentation.