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MPR: U's Rochester Campus Has First Graduation

May 21, 2013

On Saturday the University of Minnesota - Rochester will graduate its first crop of students.

It's a milestone for the city, which has long sought to establish a school offering four-year and advanced degrees.

Twenty-nine of the original 57 students who started in the fall of 2009 have made it through. They are the first graduates of a campus known for its experimental approach to education.

These first students were adventurers, said Chancellor Steve Lehmkuhle. They were taking risks by coming to a new campus whose curriculum was not yet established.

"The path was not created for them," Lehmkuhle said. "We created it along the way, and they helped us blaze those paths. So much of who we are today is a reflection of our interactions and their input as students in this program."

Classes are small, and many are integrated so they can approach a subject from different angles. Biology professor Robert Dunbar said he enjoys the creativity that's possible on a campus that is not fully established. ...

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