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Academic Programs

At the University of Minnesota Rochester campus, our focus is on providing students with the best health science and biotechnology education. By incorporating unique and integrated ways of teaching, UMR has created an environment that encourages academic success and helps students discover their professional passion. By leveraging UMR’s high-quality, engaged faculty, local experts in the community, and top-notch facilities, UMR delivers an experience above and beyond conventional higher education.

University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) Programs

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

University of Minnesota (UMTC and UMD) Programs offered on the Rochester campus

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

(+) Denotes online program offered through the University of Minnesota Digital Campus

University of Minnesota Programs Offered through UNITE

Computer Science, Master
Computer Science, M.S.
Electrical Engineering, M.S. 

Continuing Education, Professional Development, and Outreach

CEPD programs are offered throughout the year. Topics may include business, technology, social work, aging & wellness, politics/government, medicine, law, human resources, transportation, environment, public health, and alternative energy sources.

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Digital Campus

University of Minnesota colleges and campuses offer 34 fully online degree programs and certificates at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Online course enrollments grew to over 31,000 in the 2011-2012 academic year.

Technology-enhanced learning occurs at all levels of the University, beyond courses and programs that are fully online. From active learning classrooms to unique online educational resources to engaging, interactive eTextbooks, technology is being used to enhance curriculum and engage students more deeply with their learning.

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Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

The PSEO program at the University of Minnesota Rochester allows high school juniors and seniors in Minnesota public, private, home, and charter schools to take courses on the UMR campus for both high school and college credit. Costs for tuition and books are subsidized by the State of Minnesota. Courses taken through UMR’s PSEO program are done so as part of the Bachelor in Science Health Sciences (BSHS) program curriculum. 

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