University of Minnesota | Rochester
in educational collaboration with Mayo School of Health Sciences

Courses & Curriculum

The challenging, high-quality curriculum for the program is designed with courses in a specific sequence, progressively building on expertise while advancing through the program. All courses are delivered in Rochester.  Some coursework is delivered in a blended electronic and classroom format. Academic coursework is offered at UMR or MSHS and is coordinated with clinical rotations at Mayo Clinic to optimize the learning experience. The upper-division curriculum is two years in length and does require a summer session between years three and four.  Grades in the required courses must be at least a C.  All courses in the track must be taken A-F, unless only offered S-N.  All students will participate in the same curriculum in years three and four.

Fall Semester of Year Three - 13 credits

SONO 3011 Foundations of Sonography (3 cr)
SONO 3111 Abdomen I Sonography (2 cr)
SONO 3201 Gynecologic Sonography (2 cr)
SONO 3121 Cross-Sectional Abdominal Anatomy (1 cr) online
SONO 3311 Vascular Technology (2 cr)
SONO 3301 Clinical Practicum I (3 cr)


Spring Semester of Year Three – 13 credits

SONO 3112 Abdomen II Sonography (3 cr)
SONO 3401 OB Sonography (2 cr)
SONO 3312 Vascular Technology II (3 cr)
SONO 3302 Clinical Practicum II (5 cr)

Summer Semester Between Years Three and Four – 13 credits

SONO 3503 Superficial Sonography (2 cr)
SONO 3113 Abdomen III Sonography (2 cr)
SONO 3313 Vascular Technology III (1 cr)
SONO 3403 Concepts Review and Case Studies (2 cr)
SONO 4303 Clinical Practicum III (6 cr)

Fall Semester of Year Four – 13 credits

SONO 4111 Ultrasound Physics I (2 cr)
SONO 4201 Pediatric Sonography (1 cr)
SONO 4301 Fetal Anomalies (2 cr)
SONO 4401 Clinical Practicum IV (7 cr)
SONO 4501 Research Project and Publication (1 cr)

Spring Semester of Year Four- 13 credits

SONO 4112 Ultrasound Physics II (2 cr)
SONO 4802 Mock Exams (1 cr)
SONO 4602 Professional Growth and Development (1 cr)
SONO 4402 Clinical Practicum V (8 cr)
SONO 4502 Research Project and Publication II (1 cr)


Students majoring in the BSHP must complete at least 120 credits which may be transfer credits or credits from the University of Minnesota.  A minimum of 65 credits must be completed in the Sonography Track. 

Upon successful completion of the Sonography Track, you will receive a certificate from the Mayo School of Health Sciences and be eligible to take the appropriate professional certification examinations. Courses subject to change.